We are something other than a help, and our relationship with you proceeds with well past the day your little dog returns home. We are pup sweethearts ourselves and wish nothing could at any point turn out badly with any doggy, yet a pup’s wellbeing is subject to various variables like hereditary qualities, work out, food and sustenance, and generally speaking consideration that are not generally inside our control. While we can’t ensure that your little dog won’t ever have a medical condition, we can guarantee we will give our all to guarantee your new relative is solid from the second the individual in question gets back!

Our guarantee comes with transparent policies to give you confidence in your interactions with Lovely Bernese Mountain Dog. Whether it’s our return and refund policies or the privacy of your personal information, we prioritize transparency to build trust and maintain a strong bond with our community.

Health Guarantee

We ensure our pups wellbeing for one year from buy covering anything hereditarily. We love to remain associated with those that purchase from us. The little dog is consented to be liberated from irresistible illnesses for two fourteen days after the puppy(s) leaves their premises and certifications the puppy(s) to be liberated from hereditary issues for as long as one year old enough. Hip and joint issues can be brought about by or impacted by overloading, legitimate eating regimen, inability to keep up with appropriate weight, inability to give adequate activity, over-working out, or inappropriate practicing which would be beyond our control. Dealer will furnish Purchaser with a little dog that goes out; in great general wellbeing and that has known no actual deformities.

Purchaser concurs that he/she will take their little dog to their veterinarian inside seven (14) days of getting the pup for assessment, testing for worms, treatment for worms, and get a solution (As suggested by vets) If the condition or demise is because of hereditary qualities and happens after the pup turns 2 years of age we will give you credit for half of your price tag towards the buy expenses of another pup from any of my female/male mixes. The reason for death or condition should be confirmed by an authorized veterinarian and you might be approached to have a subsequent assessment or to submit x-beams taken to analyze the condition. We can’t ensure that your little dog won’t ever turn out to be sick or need more than routine veterinary consideration, and this assurance doesn’t cover the repayment of any veterinary bills related with this pup.

What We Want From You

I would truly love the idea of realizing that we have been a piece of carrying a blissful solid doggy to your loved ones. To assist with guaranteeing this we will have a veterinarian look at your pup not over multi week preceding the date you claim your little dog, and we request that you have your veterinarian do an assessment from your pup not over 5 days subsequent to accepting your pup.
Your little dog will accompany all age-fitting immunizations and dewormings, yet it might in any case require more to be completely immunized. We will send a duplicate of all immunizations and dewormings your doggy has gotten with your pup alongside when the following arrangement of inoculations and dewormings is suggested. From that point onward, you and your veterinarian ought to lay out what immunizations and care your little dog ought to get.

Exemption For The Assurance

We can’t ensure the demeanor or disposition, conformity, size, weight, variety, or the ability to reproduce of your new doggy.
We can’t swap your doggy for hip or elbow dyspepsia in the event that your pup is overweight or potentially on the off chance that you can’t create a background marked by joint enhancement nutrients and kept a legitimate eating routine of premium food varieties. All food changes should be endorsed for your wellbeing assurance to endure by the reproducer. If your little dog is determined to have hip or elbow dyspepsia, the raiser will require x-beams and a second assessment from a Vet of the reproducer’s decision.
We can’t supplant your pup in the event that normal clinical consideration has not been kept up with for your doggy. This incorporates all immunizations, deworming, heartworm avoidance, and bug and tick counteraction. You are expected to have your doggy seen every year by your veterinarian and keep up with all antibodies and protection care as suggested by your veterinarian.
This assurance incorporates no expenses related with fixing and fixing this pup including that of dropped balls. Inability to get sufficient and standard veterinary consideration will void this assurance.